PhotoFacial- IPL

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The advancement of the laser intense pulse light (IPL) technology in the past decade has lead to a very effective means for skin rejuvenation. The latest technology works by providing pulses of light energy to the skin that is absorbed by damaged skin, pigmented lesions, brown spots and skin redness (rosaeca), making skin look years younger with a relative short amount of time.

Reasons for considering Photofacial:

•  Wanting younger looking skin
•  Removing developing or existing age spots
•  bothersom pigmented lesions
•  sun damaged skin

General procedure:

The procedure is similar to that of hair removal, but there is a different hand piece attached to a machine, which is placed on the surface of the skin being treated. The machine delivers an intense pulsed light, which targets the damaged skin, spots, pigments and certain small vascular lesions.


Recovery process:

Recovery is very simple.... there essentially no down time, and you can resume your normal daily activities as you walk out of the office. There are some instructions that the physician will inform you about to allow better long term outcomes.