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Sublime MD performs thousands of Laser procedures each year.


We only use the latest most state of the art technology in lasers available to perform our laser tattoo removal procedures.   By using the latest technology, we are able to give our patients the safest, most effective procedures with RESULTS.

Our main goal is to provide our patients with safe and effective procedures that give you the results you want.



We use the CANDELA PICOWAY and REVLITE® SI Q switch laser for tattoo removal.  These machines truly the best currently available.   Our lasers allow us to treat tattoos quicker, achieve results in less treatments, and gives you the very best results.   



The Laser delivers energy that is absorbed by the ink in the skin.  The ink fragments into small particles, and is removed by your own body over a period of a few weeks.

The procedure is quick, 10 seconds for a 1 inch tattoo, and about 30 seconds for a credit card size tattoo.  It feels like a rubber band snap each time the laser delivers energy to the tattoo.  Energy is delivered 10x per second.  Each time the energy is delivered, a dime size area is treated.

After the treatment is completed, the tattoo may have a  white discoloration with some swelling which will resolve over a few days. 

Anti-bacterial cream is applied to the tattoo, and covered with a non stick gauze. 


Call our office or email us for a free consultation with Dr. Ronnie  Dawood to explain how the process works and what to expect. 

Thank you for allowing  Sublime MD to be your skin care provider, and look forward to treating you!


Ronnie N. Dawood M.D. , Sublime MD 


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